Utu Lautturi LIVE @ Houseforest 2013 [Petroglyph199 - Free DL]

by Utu Lautturi

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Feeding off the endless magical light of the northern midsummer Utu Lautturi made his debut live performance in 2013 to a small group of people gathered at Houseforest.

The session served as both an experimental musical ritual as well as a cleansing invocation and release of some archetypical forces haunting the man since childhood.

The recording is mixed exclusively for a focused listening experience. Uninterrupted surroundings and headphones are recommended.
The instrumentation is improvised and sound manipulation performed live.

A special thank you and extra respect are due to the crew at Houseforest for their undying interest in fresh sound and their never ending search for new musical experiences.

Please observe that headphones are essential to fully enjoy the recording.


released July 13, 2013

All sounds performed, recorded, manipulated and engineered by Utu Lautturi.




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Utu Lautturi Finland

Evocative sound and visual design, mostly from organic / acoustic sources - inspired by the wilderness.

Headphones recommended.

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